Our Dealers

Ron is the owner of ByGone Antiques and Collectibles.  He loves to find old stuff for you to enjoy and has a particular fascination for old vintage toys.  He searches high and low and travels to find those awesome treasures that you don't find elsewhere. 

June has been working with antiques and collectibles for many years.  She has a keen eye and weath of knowledge about paintings and artwork.  June has lots of space and a room called June's Junque.  She provides a wide variety of old unique and eclectic items.  June is an integral part of ByGone Antiques.  She welcomes questions and loves to share her wealth of knowledge

Jimmy - Jimmy is a great provider of diverse antiques and collectibles that you won't find elsewhere.  His knowledge, items and personality are a true asset to ByGone Antiques

Maryann - Maryann provides lots of unique and hard to find items ranging from figurines to speciality glass, china, statues and more. 

Vince - Vince brings his love of old coins to ByGone Antiques.  He is a long time collector who provides great coins for your collection

Bob - Bob brings many years of collecting and hunting for those special treasures.